Going to Biseulsan Ice Festival

Although winter is over, I want to share my trip in winter. Last winter, I went to Biseul-san ice festival. near Daegu. We went there after take a look in E-world amusement park, which we think it’s expensive for unplanned trip.  So we took bus number 600 which bring us to rural area in Daegu. It took 1.5 hour to get there.

The festival is good. It is held in the valley near mountain Biseul. There is frozen river there, which  its water is pumped up and its foaming water becoming ice crystal. It is very creative and nice idea, of course it can only be happened in winter when the temperature is below frozen level.

frozen river

frozen river

Beside frozen river, there are plenty ice sculptures there, we took photo there. There are also mini ice sledding , of course it is most fit for children. I hope that next year the ice sledding area is much bigger than this.

with frozen prehistoric tiger

with frozen prehistoric tiger

mini ice sledding

mini ice sledding


pororo ice sculpture

pororo ice sculpture

colorful lamp at night

colorful lamp at night



We enjoy festival until night. At night, the place become more beautiful because of colorful lamp sparkling on the ice sculpture. Finally, we went back to daegu taking last city bus and head back to Gumi

Actually we didn’t plan well to go to biseulsan festival. Because we just realize that Biseul-san is very far from daegu, nearly 1,5 hour using city bus. If you want to plan this trip well you can refer to Daegu tourism official website. It has useful guide to get there. I suggest you go there before dusk. Because you can enjoy the scenery of festival at noon and night.



Musim Semi di Jinhae

Masih tentang musim semi, kali ini saya ingin menceritakan perjalanan saya ke Jinhae. Pada awal april kemarin, saya, teman lab dan beberapa teman dari international students KIT berjalan-jalan di Jinhae. Perjalanan ini adalah perjalanan impulsif. Awalnya saya dan teman-teman lab, ingin jalan-jalan ke gunung di sekitar Gumi saja, namun setibanya di terminal bis, kami bertemu dengan international KIT students. Jadilah kami ikut jalan-jalan ke Jinhae.

Menurut orang korea yang saya temui di dalam bus, jinhae adalah tempat terbaik untuk melihat bunga musim semi. Apalagi sambil membawa pasangan masing-masing 😀 . Setibanya disana, memang benar , indah sekali bunga musim semi. Dalam perjalanan, di sisi kanan dan kiri banyak bunga sakura. Tempat yang terkenal adalah  menyusuri Yeowjachon river stream sambil menikmati bunga. Berikut beberapa foto yang saya ambil,

yeojwachon stream

di pinggir sungai

Bunga sakura

Sebenarnya ada festival cherry blossom tiap musim semi. Pangkalan AL korea di Jinhae dibuka untuk umum, sayangnya kami terlambat satu hari, jadi festival sudah usai. Tampaknya, tahun depan saya ingin kesana lagi 🙂 dan dengan pasangan (insya Allah. aminn) 🙂

Jalan-jalan ke Daegu

Weekend kemarin saya jalan-jalan ke Daegu, kota besar dekat Gumi, sekitar setengah jam naik kereta. Pertama kali ini saya jalan-jalan sendirian, hitng-hitung latihan survival diantara hanguk-o :D.

salah satu sudut downtown daegu

Daegu adalah kota yang besar, keluar dari Daegu-Yok saya langsung jalan-jalan di Junggang-no (Pasar di downtown daegu), sekaligus membeli oleh-oleh untuk pulang 2 minggu lagi ^^. Yang saya kagumi dari kota besar ini adalah jaringan plaza bawah tanahnya, sangat luas dan banyak pedagang berjualan disana, jadi bagi pemerintah tidak perlu khawatir kekurangan lahan berjualan. Plaza bawah tanah juga memudahkan pejalan kaki untuk menyeberang jalan sekaligus melindungi dari panas dan hujan. SAking besarnya saya sempat tersesat di plaza bawah tanah ini hihihi. Saya banyak melihat orang indonesia disini, bahkan sempat berkenalan dengan 2 orang TKI 🙂 .

Sebenarnya saya ingin mengunjungi musholla Al-Amin di daegu. Tapi karena tidak tahu arah dan sudah mau petang,saya putuskan pulang saja. Kapan-kapan lah ya

salah satu sudut pertokoan/plaza bawah tanah

Pelajaran bahasa korea postingan kali ini, sangat berguna saat bertemu orang korea 😀

한국말 못해요 / hanguk mal moteyo/ I can’t speak korean

Let’s Learn Swimming!

P.S : Before, i want to tell you that I’ not an advance in swimming, i’m a beginner. if you want to  learn how to swim, just googling it, there are much tutorial about how to swim. Here, i want to share my experiences as a beginner in learning how to swim.

Recent 3 month, i have learned swimming. At first, i know nothing about swimming . Even i can’t float in the water and keep drowning hahaha. But then, i and some of my friend (who can’t swim too) agreed that we must be able to swim because so many reason, one of them is it keep us healthy, burning much calories, building good posture. I myself learn swimming because i think it is basic skill of a man.

I and my friend learned swimming together. None of us were able to swim . Even, my friend brought his snorkling equipment 😀 .  Nevertheless, we kept learn by example, by looking people who already able to swim in pool, i myself also learn by watching video on Youtube. I suggest you watching youtube video of , he is a marine, i think his video is good. But, i’m sure there is no learning without practicing, so we must not be afraid to enter the water 🙂 .

My first style i learned is breast-stroke , it is the easiest and slowest style of swimming. I learned breast-stroke in 1 week B-) , but it only good in its form of movement  and then later weeks,  i  have to learn how to make my movement more efficient and faster.  I think breast-stroke is very suitable for beginner. It’s very relax, even i can swim 250 m with this style without taking a rest B-)

Second, freestyle-stroke. it is the most efficient and fastest style of swimming. It took much time for me to learn it, maybe more than 1 month. At first, it is very exhausting, i can only swim 25 m with this freestyle-stroke. Then, i start to control its rythm, slowering it so that i won’t be tired in the middle of pool . Now i always swim using this style, i still learn to make my movement more efficient. Later, it’s good for us if you learn this freestyle-stroke with snorkling equipment and fins.

For the other swimming stroke, butterfly-strokes, it’s hardest, most exhausting stroke but slower than freestyle (record in oltympic game). But it’s awesome and cool! i really want to be able doing this stroke. For Backstroke, i’m only able a little bit, but i think it’s not suitable for public pool, because, there’s a huge chance for crashing with other swimmer in the pool 😀

I usually swim at swimming pool at Sabuga. It costs only Rp. 3000 for students and Rp. 8000 for public, it’s cheap, right? Okay see ya there 🙂

Joining a club (1) : English Club

Hi, today’s post i’ll write about joining a club. Last wednesday, my friends ask me to join an English Club in Bandung. I am interested to join that club because i want to improve my capability of speaking english. That club name is “The Center”, it is located in Setiabudhi Street, in front of Pizza Hut Restaurant. There, we can meet people that also join the club, moreover there are some foreigner there, so we can have a conversation with native speaker 😀 .

The rule is pretty simple, you just come, sit and join within a group discussion there. There are also libraries and table tennis there. My first experience of  joining this club was great. We have conversation with Mr. Justin, he is a Air Conditioner repairman from Texas, he came to Bandung for New Year’s vacation. The owner’s club is his friend, so he is invited there. He said he loved Indonesia except its traffic. But compared to another place he ever visited (Hawaii, Moskow), he love Indonesia most  because our friendly people. We also had various conversation about academic, career even religious 😀 , of course from his point of view. Well, actually i didn’t speak much,  i’ m much more listening and being a yesman . Next time, i’ll be more active 🙂

Beside having conversation, there are another activities, i.e. sports, hiking, watching movie. Well, wish i can improve my english and have a fun there. Wanna join? 🙂

Happy New Year!!

Hi my blog, how’re you doing? i think it’s been a long time since i didn’t write a post here. OK, it is a classic reason if  i tell that  i was too busy to write a single post here. Everybody’s busy out there, i’m just too lazy to look after this blog. Or i just too much thinking before writing , so that there are much posts that i’ve planned to post but it’s end as a post draft haha..

It’s already 2011!, I have to change something. See the difference? yes, i’ll start writing my blog in english. I have to start learning writing in english, because i realize it’s an important matter. I’m sorry if there’re so much wrong tenses. Don’t worry, i’ll make my blog as interesting as possible, because i’ll attach more image so you also can feel my imagination & my feeling 🙂

Watching Bandung citylight from Bukit Moko

it’s beautiful, right? On new year’s eve, i went there to bukit Moko with my friends. It is about 3-5 km far north-east Bandung. From there, we can see whole Bandung from west to east. Especially on New Year’s eve, we can see fireworks on whole city so it looks like there is a war in Bandung.  I think it’s a beautiful place to spent the night, sunset or sunrise there. so, have a nice year 🙂

Catatan Liburan Tour Jawa, Part 2 : Pantai Selatan

Menyambung pos sebelumnya , pada hari kedua acara jalan-jalan, kami berangkat ke pantai selatan. Pantai di selatan jogja memang ada banyak, tetapi melalui info di internet, kami memilih-milih pantai yang sepi, tujuan kami adalah pantai Wediombo, Siung dan Sundak.  Perjalanan dimulai dengan memakan Gudeg Jogja di dekat rumah Dito , dengan mengendarai avanza-nya Wisnu (dan disupiri dia 😛 ) kami menempuh perjalanan sekitar 2-3 jam,  alhamdulillah tidak pake nyasar, karena memang papan petunjuknya jarang. Tapi secara umum jalan menuju kesana bagus kok.

Sesampai di Wediombo, wuiihh keren banget pantainya. Memang benar apa kata orang di internet, pantainya masih bersih, pasirnya oke, airnya juga jernih, sampai bisa melihat karang, rumput laut di dalamnya. Hewan seperti kepiting pun bisa mudah ditemukan bebas di pantai ini. Kamipun bersantai, bermain pasir dan berenang disini.

Karena lapar, kami memesan ikan tangkapan nelayan untuk dimakan. Harganya cukup murah Rp. 1500 per potongan ikan. Waktu dimasak, eh lha si ibu pamit mau pergi arisan (lhahh) , akhirnya kami memasak sendiri ikannya haha..

pantainya masih sepi

pasir atau batu ya, besarnya seperti telur ikan 😀

ikan hasil tangkapan nelayan

masak sendiri ikannya 😀

Puas di Wediombo, perjalanan di lanjutkan ke Pantai Siung. Walau agak ramai, tapi pantainya masih bersih. Di pantai siung ada tebing menjulang di sisi pantai dan dibawahnya ada karang-karang. Akhirnya kami menaiki tebing itu. Nah, si Dito dan Romo nekat saja menaiki tebing lewat jalur maut, yaitu dari sisi tebing yang ditumbuhi rumput, sementara saya dan teman-teman lewat jalur aman jalan setapak. Dan emang jalur maut yang dilewati kedua teman tapi mengerikan, saya aja ngeri melihatnya, si dito yang terobsesi ninja warrior sih fine-fine aja, tapi Romo yang ikut-ikutan hahaha, wajahnya udah item pucat gitu di tengah-tengah. Untung selamat sampai diatas. Tapi sangat saya sarankan jangan lewat jalur maut ini, berbahaya. Sampai diatas tebing, pemandangannya sangat oke, dibawah bisa terlihat karang-karang yang dihantam ombak. Saya sendiri sampai takut melihat kebawah saat berjalan diatas tebing.

si romo dan dito menantang maut, ninja warrior..

di atas tebing

Pantai terakhir yang kami kunjungi yaitu pantai Sundak , bagus juga pantai ini, pasirnya bagus dan masih lumayan sepi, walau sudah berdiri beberapa warung dan cottage di sekitar pantai. Yang menarik disini, mungkin batu-batu karangnya yang besar di sisi pantai dan masih banyak kepiting.  Akhirnya, kami menghabiskan waktu sampai maghrib di pantai ini, tapi sayang tidak kelihatan sunsetnya, sepertinya tertutup karang.

anak anak kepiting

Ya itulah perjalanan hari kedua di pantai, sangat worthed untuk dikunjungi. Mungkin lebaran nanti bisa berkunjung kesini. Kalau dari Solo bisa  langsung lewat Wonogiri dan Pracimantoro

(foto-foto menyusul 🙂 )

Lanjut ke pose berikutnya di Semarang 🙂