Let’s Learn Swimming!

P.S : Before, i want to tell you that I’ not an advance in swimming, i’m a beginner. if you want to  learn how to swim, just googling it, there are much tutorial about how to swim. Here, i want to share my experiences as a beginner in learning how to swim.

Recent 3 month, i have learned swimming. At first, i know nothing about swimming . Even i can’t float in the water and keep drowning hahaha. But then, i and some of my friend (who can’t swim too) agreed that we must be able to swim because so many reason, one of them is it keep us healthy, burning much calories, building good posture. I myself learn swimming because i think it is basic skill of a man.

I and my friend learned swimming together. None of us were able to swim . Even, my friend brought his snorkling equipment 😀 .  Nevertheless, we kept learn by example, by looking people who already able to swim in pool, i myself also learn by watching video on Youtube. I suggest you watching youtube video of , he is a marine, i think his video is good. But, i’m sure there is no learning without practicing, so we must not be afraid to enter the water 🙂 .

My first style i learned is breast-stroke , it is the easiest and slowest style of swimming. I learned breast-stroke in 1 week B-) , but it only good in its form of movement  and then later weeks,  i  have to learn how to make my movement more efficient and faster.  I think breast-stroke is very suitable for beginner. It’s very relax, even i can swim 250 m with this style without taking a rest B-)

Second, freestyle-stroke. it is the most efficient and fastest style of swimming. It took much time for me to learn it, maybe more than 1 month. At first, it is very exhausting, i can only swim 25 m with this freestyle-stroke. Then, i start to control its rythm, slowering it so that i won’t be tired in the middle of pool . Now i always swim using this style, i still learn to make my movement more efficient. Later, it’s good for us if you learn this freestyle-stroke with snorkling equipment and fins.

For the other swimming stroke, butterfly-strokes, it’s hardest, most exhausting stroke but slower than freestyle (record in oltympic game). But it’s awesome and cool! i really want to be able doing this stroke. For Backstroke, i’m only able a little bit, but i think it’s not suitable for public pool, because, there’s a huge chance for crashing with other swimmer in the pool 😀

I usually swim at swimming pool at Sabuga. It costs only Rp. 3000 for students and Rp. 8000 for public, it’s cheap, right? Okay see ya there 🙂


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