Happy New Year!!

Hi my blog, how’re you doing? i think it’s been a long time since i didn’t write a post here. OK, it is a classic reason if  i tell that  i was too busy to write a single post here. Everybody’s busy out there, i’m just too lazy to look after this blog. Or i just too much thinking before writing , so that there are much posts that i’ve planned to post but it’s end as a post draft haha..

It’s already 2011!, I have to change something. See the difference? yes, i’ll start writing my blog in english. I have to start learning writing in english, because i realize it’s an important matter. I’m sorry if there’re so much wrong tenses. Don’t worry, i’ll make my blog as interesting as possible, because i’ll attach more image so you also can feel my imagination & my feeling 🙂

Watching Bandung citylight from Bukit Moko

it’s beautiful, right? On new year’s eve, i went there to bukit Moko with my friends. It is about 3-5 km far north-east Bandung. From there, we can see whole Bandung from west to east. Especially on New Year’s eve, we can see fireworks on whole city so it looks like there is a war in Bandung.  I think it’s a beautiful place to spent the night, sunset or sunrise there. so, have a nice year 🙂


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